February is a Great Time to Visit Hilton Head Island

February is a Great Time to Visit Hilton Head Island

Are you and your family looking to visit Hilton Head Island in February? If you are, then you are in luck because it’s a great time of the year to visit. Between the fabulous weather that the area has to the fun things to do in the area, there is something for everyone to love. Staying in one of our Hilton Head Island vacation rentals will keep you and your family close to the fun. Let’s take a look at why February is a great time to visit Hilton Head Island below.

Fabulous Weather

February is a Great Time to Visit Hilton Head Island

The weather during the month of February here on Hilton Head Island will make you want to vacation here year after year. The daily temps that you will often find are between 60° and 67° during the day and around 40° and 46° during the night. There will be several days where the temperature will get into the 70’s and can also get to 32° at night. So, when you are packing to head on your vacation to the island, be sure to pack accordingly. No matter what the temperature is outside, there are options where you and your family can enjoy the island on your vacation outdoors.

Run in the Sun

Do you or someone in the family love to run for bling? If you do, then you may want to give the Hilton Head Island Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K a try. Happening on Saturday, February 8th is where you can get the chance to run this amazing race. This race is a great course as it takes you through some flat surfaces and you will get to see some beautiful scenery as well. While the race this year won’t have a 10K or 5K to run, you can sign up for the 8K which is almost 5 miles to walk or run. This event is perfect for the family who wants to run a race together or you can just go cheer on the other participants who are running the half and full marathon. Just make it a fun day overall spending your time together!

13th Annual Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival

February is a Great Time to Visit Hilton Head Island

Can you believe that the Annual Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival is returning for it’s 13th year? This is a great family friendly event that many of our guests love to visit each year. Here you will get to savor in a week-long culinary event to try new dishes and drinks from many top chefs. Try new foods and we promise you that you may be even to enjoy some low country boil while you attend. Happening from Monday, February 24th to Sunday, March 1, 2020 is when you can savor some of those tasty treats with the family. Curious about other events? Check out our events page for more fun adventures!

There are many other fun things happening on Hilton Head Island during the month of February, but these we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t booked your next vacation to stay with us at Coastal Home and Villas, now is the time. We hope to see you and your family as you get to enjoy what a winter in the south is like!

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