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Why Fall is a Great Time of Year to Visit Hilton Head Island

Have you ever been to Hilton Head Island in the fall? If not, let us share why it’s a great time of year to visit. Staying in one of our Luxury Hilton Head Island vacation rentals will allow you to share quality time with the family. Let’s look below at why fall is a perfect time to visit Hilton Head Island.

Festivals and Fun

BBQ ribs being glazed in sauce as part of a competition

Fall in the Hilton Head Island area is the kick-off for many festivals and events along the coast. From hearing great music where you can dance the night away to delicious food events you can’t miss. Some festivals and events you can experience are the 2023 Annual Blue and BBQ Cook-off in Hilton Head Island, Taste of Bluffton Food Truck Edition of 2023, and Chalk the Walk. Many other fun festivals and events are in the area this fall, but these are our top picks.

Perfect Weather

The weather is another big reason fall is a great time of the year to visit the island. September typically brings about an average of 8 days for the month, and the temperature during the day is 85, with a low of 68. October is even better as the average day of rain is five days, with the temps in the high 70s and lows of 58 degrees. October also has less humidity, making being outdoors even more enjoyable to all who visit Hilton Head Island.

Play Golf

A man and his three friends celebrates his putt while golfing on a fall day.

One of the best things about fall is it’s the perfect time to play golf. With less of a chance of rain and humidity, the weather is ideal for golf. You’ll also notice that the course will be less crowded than other times of the year, like spring and summer, since kids are back in school. Head to one of the four golf courses on Hilton Head Island and enjoy a round or two with a few friends or your family. Think of the fun you’ll have to make new memories on the golf course this fall.

There are many other reasons why fall is a great time to visit Hilton Head Island, but we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your fall vacation to stay in one of our Luxury Hilton Head Island vacation rentals, now is the time. We can’t wait to hear your favorite part of your fall vacation!