Hilton Head Island vacation rentals by Coastal Home and Villa

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental

Do you want to take a vacation and stay in a vacation rental, but you’re overwhelmed with your choices? We at Coastal Home and Villa have come up with ten tips that we feel are essential in choosing the perfect vacation rental. Making the right decision can make your vacation feel much more relaxing and less stressful for the whole family. Let’s peek at ten essential tips for choosing the perfect vacation rental.

Know What You’d Like

picture of several different vacation rentals condos

The first step in choosing the perfect vacation rental is knowing what you’d like. Sit down with the family and see what they want in the rental for vacation. Knowing if you’d like to be close to the beach, have a pool at the house, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. This, in turn, can help you narrow down what type of vacation rental you’d like to rent.

Location of Vacation Rental

The second step in choosing the perfect vacation rental is the location. This can be tricky because we have luxury vacation homes all over Hilton Head Island. Some of the areas that we offer are Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, and Forest Beach. All three locations are great, so check which site will work best for your family.

Available Amenities

The third step is seeing the available amenities in each rental you’re considering. If it is a condo or a home, does it come with a washer and dryer, or is it pet-friendly? All of our vacation rentals have a full-sized kitchen, but each one is different in size, so take that into count. Another thing you can look for is what kind of recreation the rental offers, especially if you have kids; this is a big deal.


The fourth step is checking on the price of the vacation rental. Many families love to splurge when they go on vacation, but finding the perfect rental in your price range is good too. Save a little money when you stay in one of our vacation rentals so that you have a little more money to spend on other things to do.

Book It

The fifth and final step is booking that perfect vacation rental. Now that you’ve gone through the previous steps, it’s time to book your vacation rental. Depending on when you’d like to take your vacation, it’s better to book it sooner than later.

Many other ways may be essential to finding your perfect vacation rental, but we wanted to share these with you. If you are ready to book that family vacation in one of our luxury vacation homes, call us. We can’t wait to see you and your family this year!