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3 Reasons Why It’s Better to Stay in a Vacation Rental vs. a Hotel

Have you been thinking of planning a vacation to Hilton Head Island, and you’re unsure of which route you want to take? We understand that aside from the destination, trying to decide where to stay is an important decision for the whole family.  Staying with us at Coastal Home and Villa here on Hilton Head Island will make every vacation feel like a dream vacation. Let’s look below at our three reasons why it’s better to stay in a vacation rental vs. a hotel.

More Room for the Whole Family

Furnished master bedroom in new home

Let’s face it, taking a vacation is expensive, especially when it comes to your accommodations. Depending on how many rooms you may need on the size of your family, it can become costly in a hotel and crowded. When you stay in a vacation rental, you won’t have to worry about how many rooms you will need; you can choose the right vacation home that will work best for your family. You will have the perfect number of spaces for everyone, but you’ll also have plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and relax. This is a significant benefit of staying in a vacation rental vs. a hotel room as you won’t be on top of each other in the rental.

Save Time & Money

Another reason that staying in a vacation rental is better than a hotel room is to help save money. In general, this can be a significant factor for every family because you’ll be able to cook meals in your full kitchen vs. eating out every day. We know that eating out can cost a lot of money, but it also is very time-consuming. Who wants to spend all evening at a restaurant when you could be cooking in your vacation rental and spending quality time with your family?

Amazing Amenities

Boy swimming in a pool with family

We know that you like to have different amenities available to you when your family vacations, like that indoor pool or hot tub at the hotel. But did you know that staying in a vacation rental will allow you and your family to have more options to choose from? Rather than head to the pool in the mornings to stake out your chairs, you could be sleeping in and relaxing by your heated pool at your vacation rental. Other amenities that any hotel can’t match are pet-friendly vacation rentals, hot tubs, washers and dryers, and outdoor living space. These amenities are just what every family wants, especially to spend more time together.

While there are many other reasons why a vacation rental is better than a hotel, we wanted to share these few with you. If you’re ready to book that family vacation this year to stay in one of our luxury vacation homes, call us today. We can’t wait to see you and your family this year as you enjoy your quality time together on Hilton Head Island.